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The Downsview Concert is Coming Together

For the past week or two there has been growing cause for concern about how the July 30 Rolling Stones (& friends) concert would turn out. Things are starting to look better.

First of all, the organizers have eased up on the draconian rules that were stressing everyone out. Megan O'Toole of Chart Attack writes:

As the excitement and anticipation has mounted over the past few weeks, officials have been continually modifying their lists of allowed and prohibited items. The latest word puts the following among the allowed list: snack foods, special dietary foods, two sealed bottles of non-alcoholic beverages (with free water refills being offered on-site), cell phones, soft-sided coolers and knapsacks, beach towels, non-zippered cushions or sleeping bags, binoculars, medications and rain ponchos. Wow, thatís more than most of us bring on a weekend of camping; yet for some reason, many-a-fan are still getting their panties in a knot about other restrictions. Currently, the list of prohibited items includes cameras and other recording devices, chairs, weapons of any sort, alcohol, cans and bottles, camping equipment, hard-sided coolers, bicycles, skateboards, inline skates and scooters. Now come on, how is that fair? We all know that itís impossible to enjoy a concert without shooting off some fireworks as we skateboard merrily along, recording the show with one hand and chugging a 40 of vodka with the other.
As well, the transportation plans are starting to make at least a little sense, despite the panic in the recent Toronto Star headline warning us we'll have to walk "2 hours" to get home.

For the many attendees coming from the 905 zone, GO has finally (but reluctantly) decided to add late night Yonge Street service and Lakeshore trains. The Toronto Star also reports that next week organizers will be releasing their full transit plan, including parking for cars and bicycles.

New acts have been added to the show. The Tea Party and Blue Rodeo are joining the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Rush, the Guess Who, Justin Timberlake, Sam Roberts, the Flaming Lips, Kathleen Edwards, the Isley Brothers, Sass Jordan and La Chicane.

Also, a new side-show has been added. Western premiers will be manning a Canadian-beef barbeque on site, headlined by Albera's own Ralph Klein.

Finally, the most important piece of the puzzle. I've acquired a ticket from someone who bought too many. (You can get yours from Ticketmaster.)



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