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The Rolling Stones SARS Stimulus Package 2
On July 30, at least 100 visitors from Saint John, New Brunswick will be enjoying an 8-hour concert at Downsview Park/Airport in Toronto. From the SJ Telegraph-Journal:
The organizers of the Rolling Stones SARS-relief concert in Toronto on July 30 have an unusual goal: they want to see as few Torontonians in the audience as possible. Instead, they hope to see lots of tourists from other parts of Canada and other countries. To help ensure that Saint Johners make up a part of this diverse audience, they've earmarked 100 tickets to be sold exclusively to local residents. ...Selling for $290 per person, the concert package will include accommodations at a Days Inn near the concert site, bus travel to Toronto and back, and, of course, a ticket to the Rolling Stones concert.
Tickets are selling well, and organizers seem to have planned things wisely. By reserving tickets for people outside of Toronto (including some reserved for the United States) they are ensuring that the goal of generating some tourist activity will be fulfilled -- unlike the other SARS benefit concert that seems to have sold tickets mainly to locals. In fact, the only difference between what's happening and the way I envisioned it is that the tickets aren't free. This doesn't seem to be causing much of a problem, however. We very well may have two or three hundred thousand out-of-town guests on July 30, and that's got to help. The only downside is that many of them won't be able to stay for long. The concert is on a Wednesday and the following weekend is the one date this year most likely to fill some local hotels despite SARS -- Caribana weekend. I haven't bought my tickets yet, but I hope to see you there!



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