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Vancouver 2010
Congratulations to Vancouver, Whistler and British Columbia on their winning the right to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. There are quite a few good things that can come out of this. One of these things is that Toronto won't bother going through the process of bidding for the 2012 Summer Games. We don't have a chance, now, and in my opinion, this is for the best. A summer Olympics would have forced Toronto to build a great deal of facilities (on prime real estate) that would likely be under-utilized. The summer games are much more expensive and much more intense. I don't know if they're worth the trouble. On the other hand, the winter games are relatively small. Vancouver and Whistler already have a lot of the facilities they will need, and the ones to be built seem to be useable afterwards. Besides, as far as the Olympics go, the thing I most care about seeing is a repeat of February 24, 2002! It would great to win Olympic gold on Canadian ice. Another benefit to winning these games is the likelihood that the Richmond-Airport-Vancouver rapid transit project will be approved and completed more quickly. It looks like a great investment in helping Vancouver grow sustainably. I, for one, will certainly appreciate being able to get into the city from the airport this way. Ian King at Vancouver Scrum has much more to say.

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