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LeDrew's Launch and Campaign Blogs

Stephen LeDrew's campaign website is up, and seems to be in the form of a video blog. That's not a bad idea, although I can't really watch his messages at work.

There's also a newish Toronto Sun campaign blog. Sun reporter Rob Granastein lands a scoop with this email from outgoing Toronto budget chief David Soknacki:

a) whether John Sewell or Stephen LeDrew gets elected, the St Clair right-of-way will be built. The reasons? Council gave approval to the TTC for the project during the budget. I expect all of the significant contracts for construction are already signed. So even if Council and the TTC reversed their decisions(!), you'd still be faced with signed contracts. Also, construction is underway, so TTC will probably find the figures to prove that it will cost more to undo the decision than to complete construction

b) next there's the dump deal. While details are still confidential the "problem" is that it is such a good deal rather than a bad one. So I expect that alternatives will cost more rather than less

c) then we get to freezing taxes. In round numbers inflation and the collective agreements gobble up $200m per year, plus the City has been raiding reserves every year to pay for a host of endeavours ... let's say the City runs a deficit of $300m without new programs. Both you and I would love to hear his approach to freeze annual property tax increases.

That's a pretty good critique of some of LeDrew's promises (although much more could be said). The thing that makes me curious is that all these things could also be said about Jane Pitfield, and yet Soknacki has endorsed Jane.

Postscript: In other Toronto election blogging news, former Paved-blogger Marc Weisblott is now running a campaign blog for the Globe and Mail called Campaign Bubble.

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