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Index of My 2003 Toronto Municipal Election Posts

The blogosphere is paying attention to the 2006 Toronto Municipal elections, even if not very many voters are yet. Among others, Spacing and Eye have good blogs dedicated to this election.

While the increased attention is there, we don't have much of a race. Three years is just too quick a term for most voters to decide they want to dump their leader. When you add that to the costs and challenges of running a campaign like this one, there just aren't any serious, credible challengers this time around. (I think Jane Pitfield would have finished fifth in 2003, although it's possible she would have made a better candidate than John Nunziata.) This is like 2000 all over again. However, I'm sure that in 2010 we will have either a serious challenger or a very, very popular incumbent.

Anyway, it's gotten me thinking about the 2003 campaign, and I decided to put together this index of my postings from that time...

Index of Posts Regarding the 2003 Toronto Municipal Election

Here are the posts I made while I was still "neutral", and had not yet made up my mind about who I supported for mayor. These are strictly the posts I made regarding the election... I had many other posts around that time dealing generally with municipal issues.

Around mid September I not only decided that I supported David Miller for Mayor, I also volunteered for his campaign. The posts below are those I made after that point. I think that they were honest, but no doubt partisan.

Now that I've categorized these, I should probably go back and see if I agree with them all or not.

It was certainly fun in that time, using my blog as a soapbox for a campaign that I believed in. The Miller campaign didn't accept any of my suggestions for using the internet within their campaign, but I was able to use my own blog for that purpose. It wasn't unintentional on my part, for example, that my post on Barbara Hall and the island airport ended up being one of the very top Google searches for her name.

I don't know if that will happen for me again. It was rather out of character for me to be ready to commit myself to supporting a single candidate so loyally. But, we'll see...

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