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The End of an Era

Well, really the era ended several years ago, but this punctuates it. The City of Detroit is planning to tear down Tiger Stadium.

I spent many great hours there during my teen years and into my twenties. The economics of Tiger Stadium might have been poor, but I was able to show up just before game time and buy tickets that are better than what exist in most stadiums today. (I liked section 419.) You were so close to the game in a great natural, historical environment.

When I was a little kid, just beginning to listen to baseball on the radio, I was introduced to icons that would last right up until the time I was moving away from Windsor to Toronto. Ernie Harwell was on the air. Sparky Anderson was the new manager and Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell were just coming up from the minors. 15 years or so later, I realized how lucky I had been as a fan to have that core group there throughout my childhood.

Given that the team has moved on, and that I have moved on, I can see that it might not be such a bad idea to keep the baseball field as the square at the centre of a new development. At least people will still be able to get at it.

Anyway, Google Maps satellite can go to ridiculous zoom levels in Detroit. Check it out.

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