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Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

As many of you may know, we lost Jane Jacobs today.

Jane has had a tremendous influence on how we think about cities (and economics, and ethics), and remained a remarkably deep, fresh and engaging mind right up until the end. I saw her speak a couple times, and wrote about one of those occasions in this blog.

Toronto has been particularly blessed by Jane Jacobs. Her role in fighting the Spadina Expressway is legendary. But her presence and relative fame in Toronto has impacted our community in other ways. Although Mayor Miller's success may have been limited thus far, I take it as a very positive thing that this city welcomes a candidate that promises to govern based on Jane Jacobs' philosophy. When considering some issues, I've actually asked myself, "What Would Jane Jacobs Do?"

Certainly she has been an inspiration to me. I'm sad to see her go, but very thankful for her legacy.

UPDATE: Via the Spacing Wire, I've learned that there is a Jane Jacobs memorial blog that links to dozens and dozens of blog posts and articles about Jane Jacobs. As well, the City Comforts blog has had a series of related articles.

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