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Apparently It's April

It has been pointed out to me by both emails and comments that it's April now and my blog hiatus should be over.

Part of me wonders why. There has been plenty of great blogging going on elsewhere, and in most cases whatever I wanted to say about a subject was already being said over these past 7 weeks.

And strangely, my blog traffic during the month of March was quite high. In fact, March was just about my best non-election, non-Gomery month ever. Who needs to bother writing, when you can coast on your archives!

Things are never going to be quite the same around here. A new little person has entered my life, and spending time with our baby is going to continue to take precedence over blogging.

I'm back, though. And I will start posting some occasional thoughts on this site very soon... particularly when I can write them quickly at the office.

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