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Toronto Mayoral Race Update 2

Environics released a poll this evening, showing Barbara Hall as a strong leader in the race to replace Mel Lastman.

  • Barbara Hall, 33%
  • David Miller, 13%
  • John Nunziata, 13%
  • John Tory, 10%
  • Tom Jakobek, 6%

That's quite a wide lead that Hall has opened up, and Environics attributes it (in part) to her name recognition. I think that's right. For people who don't know much about the candidates -- and I assume many people aren't very concerned about the election -- Barbara Hall is a name they will know as the alternative that lost to Mel Lastman in the last big election. I feel that once the campaign gets going, Hall may start to lose support. She hasn't been impressive so far, in my view.

Bloomberg news service has reported on this same poll, and suggests that Hall signifies a change from the Lastman regime. Ironically, however, here's how they describe it:

In contrast, Lastman has sided with business and pushed for the expansion of a downtown airport, which is opposed by environmentalists.

However, Hall is one of the few candidates that have come out in support of the airport idea.

John Tory has been working hard in this campaign, and he was the first to have an online response to the poll.

David Miller has also been active, and he has staked out a position as the transit candidate. His TTC posters may have contributed to his good showing in the poll, although I have also heard that he's been endorsed on Mojo Radio. He has promised to implement the Ridership Growth Strategy for the TTC.

Tom Jakobek has kicked off his campaign with a speech to supporters. He's running on a tax-freeze agenda and a plan to sell city assets to reduce the debt. However, the Toronto Star article makes it clear that (despite his IQ of 142 and his charismatic Snoop Dogg looks) he has had trouble getting along with people wherever he has worked.

John Nunziata hasn't done much of significance yet. However, he is going to be running the Sporting Life 10k race on Sunday. So am I, and my goal now is to beat Nunziata by at least ten minutes! (Race homepage)

[UPDATE -- The race results are online, and John Nunziata has seriously undersold his running abilities. He smashed his old personal best with a time of 47:27. I still beat him, but not by the ten minutes I hoped. Actually, only by 14 seconds.]



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