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Dion Mania

If the traffic I'm getting from Google means anything -- lots of searches for Bob Rae as a Liberal -- there's a great deal of interest in the search for the new Liberal leader.

I mentioned my interest in Stephane Dion yesterday. He seems to be popular among bloggers and thinkers, as Paul Wells noted last night. As I was writing this post, I went to check on Andrew Potter, knowing that he's also a fan. Sure enough, he's on the case too.

The point is, the guy has substance... serious substance, in a way that can appeal to anyone who wants a government that actually thinks and cares about coming up with a smarter solution and then making it happen. He first seemed to catch public attention with his letters to PQ Premier Lucien Bouchard, debating the rules of secession. I admired his logic, but even more his bold application to a politically touchy subject. To steal an American blogger's slogan, he was "like kryptonite to stupid".

Anyway, I'm glad he's getting some attention and I'm happy to read (via Wells) that Dion is seriously thinking about running.

UPDATE: New analysis from Colby Cosh here.

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