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Quick Hits, Volume L -- Mostly Election Stuff

I couldn't watch the Quebec debate. Calgary Grit did. Here's another view.

You have probably already heard about the Liberal stumble over the attack ad that they released and then withdrew. Blog coverage here, here, here, and here. It produced some heated debate on TV, viewable here.

The Liberals platform has been leaked. You can download it here (85-page PDF file).

I haven't read it yet; it's pretty long. Wells says "This isn't a platform. It's a mailer from your Liberal MP reminding you what he's been doing for the last 17 months. Great, but we're trying to choose a government here." Still, it has some nice pictures and platitudes.

If you're going to write one of these things, why wait so long to release it? Why wait until one of the longest election campaigns has almost been settled?

Uh oh. The polls are now pointing to a possible Conservative majority.

If you're NDP, and you're getting concerned, I suggest you check out Greg Morrow's 2006 Strategic Voting Guide.

It only makes sense to consider strategic voting if (a) your party is out of the running in your riding, and (b) it is shaping up to be a close race between the other two parties in your riding. Of course, it is impossible to know if these conditions are in place. Morrow, however, makes some projections and says that there are only 29 ridings in which NDP supporters should consider strategic voting. None in the City of Toronto, but several in 905.

There are 13 ridings where Conservatives should consider strategic voting, and there are 10 ridings where Liberals should consider strategic voting.

Everywhere else: it makes no sense to do anything but vote your heart.

On a local issue, I'm really liking Reverend Eugene Rivers during his crime-fighting visit to Toronto.

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