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Quick Hits, Volume XLVII -- Election 2006

I'm very busy with work this week and next, so not much time to blog. Here are some quick hits on the election campaign.

The Conservative-NDP teamwork talk among bloggers is continuing. Via Calgary Observer, I found that Angry in the Great White North is thinking about it too.

Specifically, some are wondering if the NDP will support today's GST cut promise by Stephen Harper.

Given the potential for a strange Parliament, where neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals have a clear lead, it's not hard to imagine Stephen Harper gaining credibility by working with Jack Layton.

Imagine a vote that ends up Liberal 110 and Conservatives 108. Although Paul Martin would get a first crack at forming a government, the other parties would still have the votes to take power. Harper by himself wouldn't have the legitimacy to do it, but if the two parties could agree that's another story.

Back to the GST cut, debate is raging as to whether or not it is good policy. See Calgary Grit, and Andrew Coyne on Paul Wells.

I'm torn. Part of me says that the GST is socially regressive and a cut would be good for equality and fairness. On the other hand, Liberal Voodoo has me wondering if the GST has been the key to Canada's surplus budgets and competitive economy.

In any case, I do think the GST promise is going to be a winner for Harper. As Kinsella said today: "How do the Libs say no to this, when they've recently unleashed a bigger orgy of spending than you'd get with an aircraft carrier of drunken sailors?"

I'm quite pleased by the reaction of Quebecois hockey players to Gilles Duceppe's idea of having a separate Quebec team in the Olympics. Vincent Lecavilier: "I'm part of Team Canada and Canada as a whole. I'm proud to be Canadian." Martin St. Louis: "I'm proud to be Canadian. I'm proud to play for Team Canada. I think there are bigger issues (for politicians) to worry about than trying to make a Team Quebec."

Reminds me of Jacques Villeneuve suggesting to Quebeckers they need to "see further than the tip of your nose".

In an ideal world, Paul Martin would be making a point to Quebec voters right now that being part of Canada is being part of something bigger and better that's worth being proud of.

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