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Quick Hits, Volume XLVI -- Election 2006

I don't think any party will reach 135 seats, like the Liberals did the last time around. I also wonder if any party will get the 36.7% of the vote that the Liberals got last time.

The Conservatives face an uphill battle with some polls still showing them at less than 30% of the vote. They had 29.6% of the vote last election day.

Here's a link to all the polls since the last election.

Still, Harper sounds like he gets it when he says "It's never enough to show the country what we are against. We will offer them a positive vision for the future of this country." Let's see how well he does that.

The NDP is the only federal party that has been consistently polling higher than their 2004 election result (15.7%).

We all know the Bloq Quebecois will do well. But, I really wonder how they will react if it starts to look like Stephen Harper will win. Will some of those voters act like NDPers and vote Liberal to avoid a Conservative win? On one hand, the Conservatives support policies that decentralize the country. On the other hand, Quebec is the most left-leaning province in the country.

And locally...

Olivia Chow has quit her City Council seat to run once more against Tony Ianno in Trinity-Spadina. She may have her best chance yet of beating him, and joining hubby Layton in Ottawa. Sounds like she is trying to make the Toronto Port Authority a major issue. Someone claiming to be a former candidate in the riding suggests that she doesn't have the organizational skills to win.

Re: Michael Ignatieff... One would think that actually living in the country during one's adulthood might count for something.

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