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Community Air vs. Liberals

Community Air, the residents' organization that has been fighting expansion of the Toronto Island Airport, has recently been making noise in preparation for the next showdown. On November 22 there will be a public hearing for the environmental assessment of the Toronto Port Authority's new scheme for increasing airport capacity.

In addition, Community Air says they are going to begin their federal election campaign at the same meeting. Here's what they write in an email release:

CommunityAIR will launch its federal election involvement at the Nov. 22 meeting. Waterfront MP Tony Ianno will find himself at the centre of the spotlight. Along with defeated MP Dennis Mills, Ianno saddled Toronto with the money-losing Port Authority, over the city’s objections. Since the Port Authority’s formation in 1999, it has cost taxpayers about $150-million in legal settlements, subsidies and unpaid taxes. Other Toronto MPs that have actively or passively abetted this situation will also come under fire.

“We will let Torontonians know which Liberal MPs have refused to rein in the undemocratic and wasteful Port Authority and which candidates support closing rather than expanding the airport on Toronto’s waterfront,” says Bill Freeman, chair of CommunityAIR.

Community Air has already proven itself to be a powerful influence in elections. You'd think Liberal Ottawa would have had other priorities than picking a fight with them. Instead, after finally agreeing to stop the bridge, they seem to have facilitated airport expansion through a new format. Lakeshore seats are at risk.

Anyway, the Minister responsible for all this happens to be the same guy who bears much of the responsibility for Toronto Pearson being the most expensive airport in the world.

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