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Quick Hits, Volume XLV

There's a new meme called 23/5 going around. You're supposed to find your 23rd post, and repeat your 5th sentence. Mine was "This sounds somewhat aspirational, but I feel that they have actually aimed rather low." But that's as far as I'm going to take this thing. I've had enough memes.

Everything you need to know about the Vancouver municipal election, all in one place.

My trip to Florida was great. I was originally supposed to go three weeks ago, but had to postpone it because of Wilma. I called to cancel on the morning that Wilma reached Category 5 and maps showed it heading over Miami on the Saturday that I would be flying home. At the time, American Airlines didn't have a reasonable policy, so I had to pay a penalty to change my flight.

There was still a lot of evidence of hurricane damage: palm tree debris in piles along all the roads, signs and awnings missing, many intersections still lacking power for their signals; a scarcity of rental cars.

Let it Bleed points out the conflict of interest to be found when City Councillors set their own pay based on the increases won by city employee unions. I think he's right. Toronto should address this.

He also points out that the Justice Minister has flipped his position on mandatory minimums for gun crimes. Why can't the federal Liberals ever do the right thing without the pressure of an election on the way?

The Eye Blog comments on street grid systems as a strategy for urban planning. I like them. They always were the best for me when playing Sim City!

Seriously, though, I like grids because they mean that every address has a lot more potential. Any address in Manhattan can be something, because any address in Manhattan can be easily found and reached. So many suburban addresses in Toronto will never be more than a cul-de-sac, even in 100 years.

A reader said he was having problems with my RSS feed. Anyone else?

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