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Paul Martin's Gamesmanship

I guess after joking last week about Stephen Harper's hypocrisy -- a critcism that I still stand by -- I am practicaly obliged to point out the ridiculously unlimited hypocrisy that emanates from Paul Martin. Consider this paragraph that leads an article on the Globe and Mail site tonight:

Prime Minister Paul Martin has rejected an Opposition ultimatum demanding that the government either call an election for early next year or face the prospect a confidence vote, calling the proposal “untenable” and decrying the “endless gamesmanship” that continues to dominate Parliament.

Gamesmanship? Would that be like introducing a lot of tax cuts on the eve of an election where you expect the Conservatives to be your main challengers?

Would that be like refusing to join with the united opposition parties to call an election in February, and then turning around and telling us how terrible it would be if an election were called for the end of December?

To be honest, I don't begrudge attempts by the Liberals to apply the traditional rules of Parliament to their advantage. (Though I thought this spring's non-confidence dodge was over the line.) Nor can I seriously complain about their adaptable policy proposals. (Trying to appeal to the voter is legitimate... if you really intend on following through, which is a whole other problem with these guys.)

But the holier-than-thou sound-bites are just silly. No one has played more games during this parliamentary session than Paul Martin.

UPDATE: Reading Calgary Grit, I see just what kind of games Paul Martin has been playing! Tricky… very, tricky.

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