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Is Harper Now "Wishy-Washy on Corruption"?

Now Harper says that "we will not vote against things unless we disagree with them".

In other words, if a vote comes in the house that doesn't run counter to the Conservatives' goals, they very well may vote with the government, allowing it to continue to operate. (Specifically, in this case, they are suggesting they may vote with the government on an upcoming money bill, and also may not vote with an NDP non-confidence motion if it isn't written as they'd like it.)

That is, the Harper Conservatives will now do exactly what they have spent six months chastizing Jack Layton and the NDP for. (And what they, eight months ago, were also willing to do.)

Of course, over the past months I have argued in the NDP's defense, saying that this is exaclty how a minority parliament works. And, of course I still feel that way, no matter who is playing their hand. (For some reason, Blogging Tories didn't seem to agree. See: here, here, here, here, here, among many examples that you can easily find on CanConv.)

But this turn of events really points to the hypocrisy of Stephen Harper. Is he, too, now "wishy-washy on corruption"?

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