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A Harper-Layton Government?

Bob Tarantino at Let It Bleed has an interesting suggestion:

  • CPC and NDP should drop their grievances, find areas for mutually-agreeable policy proposals, and campaign for a CPC-NDP coalition government.
  • The Prime Minister's title would go to the leader of whichever party received more votes -- probably Harper, but still a better chance for Layton than if it was allocated on the basis of seats.

He suggests that otherwise "we could conduct politics as usual and get another Liberal government".

Hey, this sounds interesting to me. I've voted Green the past couple elections but will probably vote for Jack Layton since I'm in his riding and think he ought to be in Ottawa. At the same time, I consider myself to be a centrist voter, traditionally Liberal, who thinks it's time for a change and is therefore rooting for a Harper minority government.

Of course, Tarantino's suggestion runs up against some practical challenges. After all, didn't Stephen Harper say, during the last election campaign, that the NDP was as dangerous for Canada as the separatists?

On the other hand, Jack Layton has shown himself to understand the pragmatic realities of parliament, and could probably make a deal with anyone if it meant passing legislation that supports his goals. Stephen Harper is no dummy and could probably work something out if he was motivated. However, he probably thinks he can win it all on his own.

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