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Does Canada's Media Have a Right-Wing Bias?
Many times when I go home to visit my parents in Windsor, I find myself a little surprised at what I see in The Windsor Star. It's not the way I remember it. I don't know if it has changed, or if I just wasn't paying attention when I was younger. You can see the difference on the editorial pages. Here's a quote from a recent example:
An Ontario election call is possible in the next few weeks. But so far, for Ontario voters, there hasn't been much of a choice when it comes to the Tories, Liberals and New Democrats. Although things are changing and the political ideas of the Tories appear to be transforming, the three parties' platforms -- as they stand right now -- do not put any emphasis on fiscal responsibility. Rather, they support extensive spending measures that will hurt Ontario taxpayers and employers alike.
And, at the end (after a review of the "irresponsible" policies of the three parties):
In summation, all three parties are going to increase public spending and limit or eliminate any plans for privatization of public services. This will hurt Ontario's economy and return us to large deficits, lost jobs and lack of investor confidence. So far, there don't appear to be any real differences between the three parties, although the Tories are showing signs of separating themselves.
In other words, all three major political parties in Ontario are too far to the left for The Windsor Star. Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion, including every newspaper editor, or media chain owner. And I'm sure there are a fair number of people in Windsor who support this point of view. However, it always strikes me as a bit odd that this is the content found in the only newspaper in this union city. Keep in mind, Windsor, Ontario is home to two of the fourteen NDP MPs in Parliament. That's 2 for 2, in a province that is otherwise a sea of Liberal red. Meanwhile, the newspaper is consistently pure Alliance Party / Common Sense Revolution. For whatever it's worth, no one can argue that The Windsor Star is representative of anything other than a minority view.

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