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Blackberry Down

After more than five years of service, my trusty old Blackberry 950 seems to have bit the dust. The problem is a small but important one with the trackwheel and I doubt it will be worth fixing.

The problem is that these little old Blackberries are an endangered species. Personally, I think they are much better than the newer models, but RIM hasn't seen fit to continue to make them, or to develop an upgraded version along the same lines.

I don't want a cell phone! Not needing one is one of the best benefits of having a berry. So, why do all new Blackberries have to be enormous phone-sized (or bigger) things? They don't even fit in your hand as nicely as the old ones, never mind carrying them.

I guess I can get a new one from Rogers. They will first try to upgrade me with a "special offer for longtime customers" that is exactly the same as they are giving everybody else. Then they will charge me an outrageous price to send me a discontinued product. (Surprisingly, I can't find any on ebay.)

I just wish RIM had a new product that I'd like.

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