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"Mayor David Miller Shoots TTC Driver"

That's not my opinion, of course. But that's what fellow Torontonian blogger Angry in the Great White North had to say today after a TTC driver was shot on the weekend.

His post is pretty long, so I have abridged it for you:

"Even though the City of Toronto police department budgets under David Miller are higher than they ever have been before*, and even though the City of Toronto has no control over sentencing or gun control, David Miller is personally responsible for the shooting of a TTC bus driver on the weekend because he is a pinko socialist."


"Although I attribute the boost in crime among these young men to their lack of a concept of society or anything beyond their own personal gratification, I still insist that it is an entirely worthless endeavour to attempt to socialize the younger children and show them their role in society, because that's just socialist crap."

But, on second thought, maybe you should go and read the whole thing...

* -- As much as AGWN may have his reasons for not liking David Miller, one fact about him is that in his first year he gave the police department one of their biggest budget increases ever. The police force makes up a larger portion of city spending than ever before. In 2005, $462 of the average household's property taxes go to the police department, up from $355 in 1998. (That's 22.9% of your city property tax bill, up from 20.2%.) Perhaps it is more fair to compare to the final Lastman budget in 2003. Police spending was $431 per household, 22.3% of the property tax bill.

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