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Save The Tunnel Bar-B-Q

Anyone who has lived in Windsor, as well as many Detroiters and tourists, knows the Tunnel Bar-B-Q restaurant. Famous for its great sauce, ribs, chickens and steaks, the TBQ gets its name from its location right at the Canadian end of the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

Now, an article in the Windsor Star suggests the TBQ is in financial trouble and is at risk of closing. Cross-border business is down since 9/11, Windsor's downtown is losing businesses to the suburbs and the company is now in receivership. It would be a shame to see it go.

Any ex-Windsorite who wants to do something about this won't regret ordering a bottle of TBQ sauce. They have an online store, or the bottle labels show the number 1-877-285-3663. I recommend a 1-litre bottle of the original hot sauce. I've got one in my fridge, and it is great for ribs or chicken.

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