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Google Sightseeing: Coal Trains

I subscribe to the New Yorker magazine, and over the past two issues they have spread an article by John McPhee about riding on the coal trains that move out of the Powder River mines in Wyoming.

These trains are nearly three kilometers long!

Towards the end of the first artile, the author writes about arriving at Bailey Yard, in North Platte, Nebraska, which is the largest railroad yard in the world.

I decided to take a look at this railyard using Google Maps' satellite view. It's pretty cool. Click here. I have actually set it at the second-best zoom level, but that's just to help you get your bearings. You can move in to the closest zoom and scan around. Those long black lines at the top of the screen are the coal trains.

I thought this was interesting, and it turns out I'm far from the first to notice this sort of thing. For example, see this post on the Google Sightseeing blog, which features cool satellite-view finds.


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