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Latest City Hall Scandal 2

A "sex scandal", that's what they're calling it.

It's hard to blame the media for such a description. It will certainly sell more newspapers than a "hiring scandal" would. And, after Pam Coburn's sensational and stupid confession yesterday, it has certainly captured a part of the public's interest.

But that fact that Pam Coburn says she had an affair with her married, newly-hired, newly-promoted, second-in-command Joe Carnevale wouldn't be the lead story in an ideal world. Instead the focus would remain on the more relevant part of the story... namely, the allegations that the licensing department is full of employees who have been hired to high-paying jobs with no credentials other than being someone's relative or friend.

To me, these allegations are more important than who is sleeping with who. It makes me wonder how wide-spread this hiring abuse is within City Hall. It also makes me wonder how these positions have come to be so high-paying.

As has been frequently the case, the mayor is belatedly moving in the right direction, after getting off on the wrong foot.

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