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RSS Feed and Some Blegging

This blog has never had an official RSS feed, mainly because this is a hand-coded blog and I didn't know how to do it.

For nearly two years there has been an unofficial RSS feed for this site, provided by Ian Stevens of the Crazed Monkey blog. (Thank you Ian!)

Anyway, I've been thinking about the need for an official RSS feed for a while, particularly since I read that Google's blog search tool only includes sites with RSS feeds. Tonight I finally did it after reading that it is very, very easy to hand-code your own. So, the feed for my blog is at

I do have a question for anyone who is knowledgable... I will keep adding new items at the top of the XML file for each new blog post. Do I have to keep all the old entries too? When am I supposed to delete some of them?

Also, adding this feed creates another nuisance barrier between me and posting blog entries. I have my entire blog running in a MS Access database, but have to cut-and-paste the HTML into a file, manually edit the front page, and also use cut-and-paste whenever I update my archive list and blogroll. I'm sure it would be easy for an experienced person to replace that with push-button publishing. Anybody want to tell me how I can do that? Or just do it for me?

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