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Shit From Hell, Windsor Version

I went to Kinsella's book launch tonight at Sneaky Dee's. We stuck around just long enough to see his band, Shit From Hell, play their set.

The party was a launch event for Fury's Hour. I bought a copy of it on Sunday, so I'm not too far into it yet. I can't comment on the book, but I did enjoy the band.

The highlight for me was Roadrunner (Windsor Version). I've never heard a homage to my hometown before, and this one was pretty cool. (Can't find lyrics online, though.)

The crowd was a diverse looking one with people I thought looked like music fans, publishing house workers, government suits and bloggers. The first time I met Warren Kinsella was when he turned up to support James Bow's wife's book. I thought that was a cool move and was glad to reflect it tonight.

In any case, SFH rocked.

UPDATE: Pictures online at blogs here and here.

UPDATE 2: More here, here, and here. And, of course, at Kinsella's own site.

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