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New Toronto Street Signs, Revisited

The new Toronto street signs that I wrote about a year ago are in the news again.

It seems that one of these signs has been installed in Leaside, the residents are upset, and this qualifies it for a story in the National Post and around-the-clock coverage on 680 radio. (Since Leaside is actually in the former East York, the new sign probably looks more like the one photographed here, i.e., blue with white edging and lettering.)

The Leaside Property Owners' Association hits the main complaints I (and fellow bloggers) had the first time around, particularly that the signs are rather large and fake-looking. But there's really no reason to read my prose when you find it all captured in one frame by Brett Lamb.

Anyway, the thing is that, one year later, I do like the new signs. I have gotten used to their size, the legibility is good, and I appreciate having a unique look for the whole city. I'm glad that main streets like Yonge or Bloor now have traditional-looking signs, but I don't even mind them in my own neighbourhood of houses. However, now that Leasiders are complaining, we'll see what happens.

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