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Quick Hits, Volume XXXIX

I don't think there is any end in sight for the slow slow blogging around here. If anything, the busy (but good) situations at home and the office will probably mean that things could get worse.

Still, like an old athlete who doesn't know when to quit, I'm not going anywhere.

Here is a thin collection of comments that I've thrown together, just so you know I'm still alive...

With the situation in New Orleans, I totally missed the second round of Calgary Grit's Greatest Prime Minister contest. The semi-finals are running now. It is down to King vs. Laurier and MacDonald vs. Trudeau.

Cerberus has a good analysis to read before you vote.

Kinsella yesterday has, as noted by several other bloggers, some good comments about how Stephen Harper continues to make some good moves, politically speaking. It seems as if the Conservatives have gotten the message that it is better to try to sell a good government alternative to Canadians than to lose and whine about it.

Ian makes a good case for hitting back on the softwood lumber dispute. I think he's shifted my position.

David Artemiw sent along a photo of the Conservative team in the Taste of the Danforth bedrace. I've added it to my post on the subject.

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