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Rocking the Vote

Conservatives, now including Andrew Anderson, are doing a pretty good job of getting out the vote to record Joe Clark as a better PM than Pierre Trudeau in Calgary Grit's poll.

CG has decided to break the first-round voting up into two stages, and you should go vote, even if you've done so once already. At the time of this writing, Trudeau trails Clark in the combined voting by less than 20.

If you read the comments on Bound by Gravity, you'll see that some on the left are criticizing the Cons for working so hard to eliminate Trudeau. Here's what Greg (of Sinister Thoughts) had to say:

I hated Trudeau and never once voted for him, but this makes Consevatives look pathetic. "See, we never could get the best of Trudeau when he was around (even when he lost he still won), but now we got this survey! That'll show that dead guy how bad he was!" It takes wankery to a new level. I guess there is no Star Trek convention this weekend for you guys to go to. Ka-Pla!

I'm a Trudeau fan and I'm somewhat surprised that so many righties really do prefer Joe Clark. But, nevertheless, I congratulate them for their organizing skills. Getting out the vote is an extremely important part of any election. The left does it pretty well in real elections. How can we criticize the right for doing it well in a blog poll? After all, isn't it better to be at the end of the spectrum that is actually able to move real voters when it counts?

More seriously, CalGrit's poll has lead to some good and informative debate, such as this analysis of the Borden vs. Pearson match-up.

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