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Calgary Grit's Greatest Prime Minister Contest

Calgary Grit has begun a fun blog-poll playoff to select the greatest prime minister in Canadian history. The fourteen 20th-century PMs, plus Martin and MacDonald are in the sweet sixteen. Head-to-head combat will narrow down the field until we have an ultimate winner. Go vote in round 1 now!

My votes were King over Turner, MacDonald over Campbell, Trudeau over Clark, Laurier over Meighen, Chretien over Martin, Pearson over Borden, Mulroney over Bennett, Diefenbaker over St. Laurent. That last one (in particular) was a close call, and perhaps a mistake. Actually, in many cases I realized that my knowledge of Prime Ministers before my lifetime is quite lacking. Time to actually read about some of these guys.

Anyway, early voting patterns suggest that the online power of conservatives is going to carry the day for them. At this point (with 4-5 days of voting left in round one) Trudeau is losing to Joe Clark. The Shotgun and Small Dead Animals are promoting the vote to their readership. If things go on like this, we'll have to accept Brian Mulroney winning the title!

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