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Maybe We Should Embarrass the Hell Out of Them

Canada has won yet another ruling on the softwood lumber fight. A NAFTA panel has ruled that the American lumber import duties are unjustified and the United States should return the $5-billion it has collected.

How are the Americans reacting? It's summed up here, on the front page of today's National Post:

Washington says it has no plans to obey a NAFTA ruling that compels the United States to refund an estimated $5-billion in illegally collected duties to Canadian lumber producers -- setting up a potential trade war that experts say could threaten the future of the North American trading bloc.

Moreover, the judgment has prompted the U.S. lumber industry to launch a legal challenge of NAFTA's authority to resolve trade disputes involving the United States.

Or, as Greg wrote yesterday on Sinister Thoughts, "Laws are for chumps! We are the U.S.A., so bite me, sucker!".

Which leads me to ask again... what was so horrible about the comments made this spring by MP Marlene Jennings?

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