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Conservatives Finally Win Political Race in Toronto

I was just at the opening ceremony for the Taste of the Danforth festival, where former mayor Mel Lastman's speech told us we could expect a million people over the weekend and that noooobody is better.

While kiosks and stages were still being assembled for the party that begins this evening, the preview event on Danforth east of Logan was the bed race in support of Toronto East General Hospital. To enter a four-person bed in the race you needed to cough up $1,000.

The second heat of beds was made of political entries:

Mel Lastman blew the horn to start the race and the Cons blew away their NDP and Liberal opponents (and Ootes, too). Finally, a taste of victory in T.O. for team blue!

The NDP immediately filed a protest of some sort.

Unfortunately for Conservative fans, their time wasn't good enough to advance to the finals. I didn't see the end, but when I left, the Metro Police had just posted a time that marked them as the team to beat.

UPDATE: In comments, David Artemiw informs us that: "Sam Goldstein (Trinity-Spadina), Lewis Reford (Toronto Centre), and Peter Conroy (Beaches-East York) were the Conservative candidates who took part in the bed race." David is a blogger who is now also Goldstein's campaign manager.

UPDATE 2: Artemiw has sent along a photo of the runners. Left to right, they are Reford, Goldstein, Conroy and Solberg:

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