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Toronto Mayoral Race Update

Yesterday, the Toronto Star had an interesting article that suggests some of the candidates are repositioning themselves on the political spectrum. Apparently, John Nunziata is staking out the Blue Tory hard right territory, and is attracting support from the Harris political team.

On one hand, this is a surprise, since John Nunziata was a Liberal MP. On the other hand, it has been reported in the past that Nunziata considered joining the Canadian Alliance in 2002 after he left Liberal caucus. I always assumed his interest in the CA was based on its position as the leading opposition rather than close philosophical ties.

The corollary to this switch is what it means for John Tory. He was expected to inherit the support of the Harris/Lastman establishment that he himself has been a part of. The Star reports:

Impeccable sources tell us [Ralph] Lean, a highly successful bagman in municipal mayoral races for the past two decades, has gone a bit sour on Tory for a couple of reasons. One is that the Cable Guy seems to be trying to distance himself from former Mel Lastman backers like Paul Godfrey et al. (Of course, Tory was himself a key Lastman supporter in the past.) Also, there's some concern that Tory, who has been enjoying a fair bit of weekend skiing of late, hasn't been showing the work ethic to demonstrate he's sufficiently hungry for the job.

That second point seems a bit ridiculous -- Tory seems to be doing more so far in this campaign than anyone else, at least publicly. However, if Tory is trying to drop his ties to the corruption-stained current administration, one can hardly blame him. If he is doing it seriously enough to actually turn away hard right-wing political operatives, this can only be considered a good thing.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that John Tory has an internet advertising campaign going on. If you do a Google search for one of his competitors today, you will find a text banner ad for John Tory that reads "John Tory for Mayor. Toronto Deserves Better A New Leader. A New Deal." I have also seen similar advertising on BlogSpot, namely above Micheal Wilson's Blog.

John Tory has also revamped his website. Barbara Hall has too. David Miller really needs to, because his site doesn't even function properly on my browser. None of these websites, however, have any significant news on them, except for David Miller reporting on his valuable activities as a city councillor. He has helped convince Elections Canada to add a new riding in under-represented Scarborough. Congratulations to him for this appropriate change. I wonder if it will apply to Queen's Park and City Hall, too?



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