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Monte Mending Fences in Toronto

For the third time this month, my inability to find something I felt like writing about has been solved by Monte Solberg. But this time he decided to switch things up and say something I can relate to.

On his blog, he mentions that he and MP Peter Van Loan had a meeting with Toronto Mayor David Miller, and that the meeting went well. That didn't give me enough to go on, but there is an article about it in the Toronto Star.

Interestingly, Solberg comes pretty close to admiting that the Conservatives have bungled the Toronto file under Harper leadership: "This is about starting to build some bridges and make sure everybody knows what everybody's doing. There have probably been some misunderstandings in the past, but that's why we're here."

During their visit, Solberg and Van Loan may not have addressed all the deficiencies of CPC urban policy, but Monte did do a good job of pointing out the Liberal habit of making big promises that don't ever add up to much:

"We're just reminding the mayor that the government's been in power for 12 years, it's announced waterfront projects 20 times. Nothing's ever happened," he said. "We're here to tell him we're not just going to commit, we're going to deliver."

And Van Loan:

"We've seen $25 million go without any real results yet," Van Loan said. "The money's been spent largely on consultants. We need to see some real results, some real cleanup of the lands, some real infrastructure constructed, some real improvements proceed."

No reported mention of the Toronto Pork Authority, however.

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