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Monte's Way

I don't mean to turn the focus of this site onto Monte Solberg, but he has another post on his blog that is outrageous:

Ken Livingston

He is the Lord Mayor of London, and an avowed leftist. His nickname is Red Ken. But he is a leftist of a particular type. The type, too rare, who don't instantly blame western civilization, the US, or himself for Islamic extremism and terrorism.

Thank you, Monte, for adding further details to your view of the left. You've already called us lazy, frivolous cowards, and now we're -- with "rare" exceptions -- treasonous terrorist-appeasers. Way to add to the debate, and what perfect timing.

Here's more:

In light of London some will want to talk (again) about the root causes of terrorism. Please! The root cause of terrorism is a hate filled ideology that believes in the virtual elimination of all our liberties in favour of an Islamic theocracy. It believes in the murder of those who don't subscribe to their perverse beliefs.

Talking about root causes is obviously a sign of left-wing liberal weakness. We should not tolerate discussion of root causes. Unless you happen to agree with Monte's thoughts on root causes, in which case it's okay. Further efforts to understand our enemy will do nothing to advance our strategy or improve our effectiveness. See, you're either with Monte, or you're with the terrorists!

Monte ends his post with:

It's time to get serious about the war on terror, and that means resources for soldiers and our intelligence community, not more voice quavering rhetoric from Paul and company.

Which might be reasonable, or it may not. It is hard to know what our intelligence community is up to, but I don't see evidence of Paul Martin making substantial efforts here. He's not really making substantial efforts anywhere.

The problem is, it's hard to trust Monte Solberg when he tells us we aren't doing a good enough job fighting criminal terrorism. After all, he's the guy who was ashamed of Canada and said "I shudder to think Canadian freedom is being purchased by American, British and Australian blood in the Iraqi desert".

At least there's one reasonable Conservative out there.

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