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Windsor Riverfront

I'm not going to have time to write anything today, so I think I'll just put this picture up. It's taken at the riverfront in Windsor, during my Canada Day long weekend visit home.

This is one of my favourite places, not far from home. The air was very fresh this weekend after a high pressure area moved in on Thursday. It was great to just sit, enjoy the air, the view and the sunshine.

The river here is the Detroit River, flowing west, to the left in this image. Downtown Detroit is off camera to the right. The Ambassador Bridge here carries 25% of all merchandise trade between Canada and the USA.

Those geese were the advance unit of what became a 100-strong beachhead. As we were sitting on the bench, the first goose stuck his neck up over the wall, periscope-style, and made sure the coast was clear. Next thing you know we were surrounded by an eating, crapping, army of birds.

That twin-spired church you can see in Detroit is St. Anne's, a 300+ year-old Catholic parish, founded by the French and now moving on to its third language in Detroit's Mexican Village. To the right is the abandoned Michigan Central Station, a great old building that has been left to rot. From the right angle, you can see right through it. (This slide-show is unbelievable.)

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