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Catch Up

I've been busy, and I've been away, so here are some comments on what I've missed. I'm back in Toronto now, but being busy is probably going to continue to affect this blog.

Same Sex Marriage

Well it passed through Parliament last week, and I haven't written about it yet. Actually, I thought the story was over back in December. At the time I wrote, "In fact, five years from now I expect the issue of same-sex marriage in Canada will have been nearly forgotten, and be of little significance to anyone who isn't part of such a union", although I'd now add an expectation that this issue will continue to get a minority of people worked up.

Anyway, Declan at Crawl Across the Ocean, Mark at Section 15, and Calgary Grit all came up with excellent posts on the subject. I'm sure there've been others that I haven't read yet.

Two of the posts I link to are arguments in favour of SSM, while one parodies the arguments against. In the Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert takes down the leader of opposition to SSM, who also happens to be the Leader of the Opposition. I think it is time for everyone to move on.

But perhaps MP Monte Solberg is thinking too much of moving on:"The new Canada. You can have it." Thanks, Monte.

Canada Day

I don't normally read Monte Solberg's blog, but having been directed there (for the above quoted comment) by Adam Radwanski, I read what else he had on offer. Besides a bizarre analysis of the recent Parliament -- in which Solberg takes heart in the fact that the Liberals are only up 2 percentage points in this post-Gomery season -- he has a flaky Canada Day message.

The point seems to be that hard-working Albertans are truer, braver, and more-dedicated Canadians than the rest of us. Sure, when he actually names names he suggests that he is talking about the "vast majority" vs. "official Ottawa", but what he describes are two stereotypes: the stereotype conservatives have of their suppoters, and the stereotype the same conservatives have of liberals. The former are the real Canadians who would step up if our nation was ever in danger, whereas the latter are frivolous cowards.

I think there is actually a lot more overlap and diversity of thought among Canadians than Solberg seems to recognize, but more to the point, on Canada Day I'm proud of all Canadians. It is a fairly lame expression of patriotism to spend Canada Day morning composing an attack against a strawman conjured out of his partisan imagination.

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