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Harper's Tailspin

I had plans around here to write about some policies the Conservatives could consider that might win them some popularity in urban and suburban ridings. I also was interested in commenting on the "It's the Policy, Stupid" series on Bound by Gravity, in which Andrew is giving CPC policy a fair airing. But now it all seems pointless. Harper's leadership is in a tailspin and he keeps making it progressively worse. Even the "Harper Liberal" blog is going on hiatus.

Why, after all, should I bother writing about how Conservative policies can appeal to cities like Toronto when Stephen Harper is quite open about the fact he doesn't care to take on local concerns? I think it is normally a silly fantasy to imagine that policy discussions that begin on this blog are going to go very far, however, there's truly no point when the leader in question is giving you the finger.

Declan's latest post at Crawl Across the Ocean points out some further silliness on the part of the CPC.

I actually enjoy discussing some Conservative policy because I have connected with some other bloggers who are thoughtful supporters of that party. As well, for the past year or two, a major part of the debate in Canada has been about whether or not the CPC has established its credentials as a viable government-in-waiting. Sadly, it is starting to seem like there's no reason to talk about it while Harper remains as leader.

POSTSCRIPT: Two second thoughts… One is that it's not really up to me to say whether Harper should stay or go -- that ought to be up to CPC supporters… The other is that now is probably still a good time to talk about what Conservative policy and positions could be, since we're still looking for that alternative government-in-waiting.

POSTSCRIP 2: This post didn't really live up to its title in that it isn't really about "Harper's Tailspin". The interesting thing about it is that Harper probably hasn't been performing any worse recently. Rather, people are just piling on because they see the party didn't go anywhere despite a huge opportunity. The healthy thing about it is that Conservatives have shaken off some of their tendency to blame everything on Ontario sheeple.

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