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Quick Hits, Volume XXXVI

Sorry, not much blogging recently. With little by way of drama going on in Ottawa, the nice weather seems to be winning out. Anyway, here are a few comments...

I just read some of the Grewal tape transcripts. Based on the section of the May 17 meetings (link PDF) that I read, it would seem like:

  • Ujjal Dosanjh and Tim Murphy were clearly suggesting Grewal may be rewarded with something like a cabinet position if he crossed the floor, and the Prime Minister was aware of the situation
  • What was clearly off the table were "rewards outside of politics". It was alleged that others had made such a request and been flatly rejected.
  • It was Grewal who raised the issue of Joe Volpe's accusations. His concern was not with the investigation per se, but rather with Volpe's comments that Grewal felt had "crossed the line". The two Liberals seemed to agree that an apology may be necessary. No one suggested interfering with the Ethics investigation, beyond asking for an interim report.

I haven't read the whole thing yet.

James Bow has a good review of the Conservative policy on urban affairs posted at Blogs Canada. I got involved in comments, but James seems to have made a good reply. The whole thing is worth a read.

Via Declan, I second his recommendation for Paul Wells' on the "fiscal imbalance".

Here in Toronto there is some controversy over a deal to add bike lanes to Royal York Road. Apparently the lanes will be narrower than normal to prevent a need to widen the road. It sounds reasonable, but I know from experience that narrow bike lines can be worse than none at all. For example,.the stretch of Davenport Road, eastbound past Avenue Road is dangerous because of the narrow lines. You can be speeding along, when all of a sudden you find a fat SUV that has been parked poorly. You suddenly need to swerve out into the main traffic, which was imagining itself to be isolated from you in a separate lane.

If you haven't read about Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge's comments yesterday, there are some rather bold statements there. (Or at least seemingly bold coming from a national bank boss.)




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