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My Prediction: Lousy Government to Continue

At BlogsCanada, I've already cast my vote in a poll about tonight's results... I predict "no election", though not very confidently. I just have a feeling that Paul Martin is willing and able to pull any trick he can to survive. At the same time, no-one beyond the Bloc ought to be confident that a new election will do them any good.

Via CalgaryGrit, I read that David Kilgour has announced what his position will be: He's voting with the Conservatives on both budget bills.

So, it comes down to Chuck Cadman, unless Martin pulls the sort of trick I suggested earlier today. He has said both budget votes are confidence votes, but I bet right now they are thinking of ways to get around it. Any experts around have an opinion on what would happen if Martin were to renounce Bill C-48 and have the Liberals vote against it?

As for Cadman, he talks about his constituents having sent him a message. In a poll, only 23% said they want an immediate election. If a different question was asked, I wonder how many would say they wanted Paul Martin to continue governing? Or, I wonder what Cadman would do if only 23% said they wanted to pay taxes this year? The point is, most people don't ever want an election, but it doesn't mean that it is a big burden to them. The bigger question would be whether this government has the confidence of his constituents... but that wasn't asked.

Meanwhile, I wonder how long until Carolyn Parrish is welcomed back into Liberal caucus? Not that that's so bad.

POSTSCRIPT: 153-152. Perhaps I was wrong to think that Mr. Dithers was also a complete weasel. I also may have been wrong to be so tough on Chuck Cadman's intentions. I think it was ultimately a decent budget that was passed, but I still agree with the title of this post. But that would have been true even with the reverse result.




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