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Quick Hits, Volume XXXIV

When I heard the news that former TV personality Peter Kent was going to run for the Conservatives, I didn't pay much attention. Celebrities don't excite me that much. But then I realized that he is going to be running in my former riding, so I got to thinking about whether or not he can win.

Kent will be running against Carolyn Bennett in St. Paul's. In the last election, she crushed the opposition with nearly 60% of the vote. The Conservative candidate had only 20%, which I think can only partly be attributed to the fact that he was totally unappealing. Overall, I would be surprised if the Conservatives can move enough votes to take this seat.

It is sad to see Ed Broadbent leave politics, though you can't blame him for the reason. I wonder if this will lead to one of the very few Liberal pick-ups in the next election? I wouldn't have expected any Liberal gains, but Ottawa-Centre was a moderately close race.

Via Mike Brock, I see that Dalton McGuinty has taken his request for more federal money to the next level. His new website is a fully-loaded campaign against the status-quo. They must love him in Ottawa right now.

The Globe and Mail reports that Ottawa and Ontario are talking about revising the deal for immigration support. So, somebody is listening. Of course, federal government deals with individual provinces were the source of all this mess... Dalton really ramped up the assault after the Danny Williams fiasco.

Following up on my post yesterday, has investigated Liberal Party contributions by the players in the Toronto Island Airport story. Meanwhile, Mayor David Miller says that the port authority owes the City $27-million in back taxes, and is hoping to seize most of their new cash. The Toronto Star quotes TPA CEO Lisa Raitt as admiting that one of the purposes for the pay-out is to keep the agency solvent, rather than being entirely related to the bridge.

Jim Elve has joined the Green Party. There's quite disproportionate support for the Greens among bloggers, if you count myself (not a party member, but voted Green twice), Declan, James Bow, Kevin Gulstene, Treehugger, and others.

Why? Well, I think part of it might have to do with people who might, in a normal era, lean Liberal... but who just can't anymore. I see the Green Party as the closest alternative at the centre of the political spectrum in Canada... left of the Conservatives, but right of the NDP. They also have some thoughtful approaches that appeal to me as somebody who obviously has an interest in policy.




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