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Bono Bewildered by Dithers

The Canadian Press is reporting that Bono is "bewildered" by Paul Martin's stalling on a commitment to raise Canadian foreign aid spending to 0.7% of GDP.

This amusing example illustrates nicely why I have so little patience with this current government. What Paul Martin has done to Bono would seem to be what he and his government have done to so many Canadians on so many different issues.

It seems to have become the official tactic of the federal Liberals to perpetually promise, announce and reannounce initiatives without anything ever happening.

If I felt the Martin government was bringing us effective, efficient and dynamic leadership, I might be more taken by protestations that the AdScam crimes were commited by a few and Paul is dedicated to eliminating them from his otherwise clean administration. As it stands, I hardly care. We need a new government one way or another.

As I wrote last night, I'm not totally enamoured by who will replace Martin. Maybe through some fluke we will end up with a Harper-Layton coalition, though past Harper statements make that virtually impossible. Whatever happens, I think that even many Liberal supporters will recognize that the party needs to crash, burn, and be rebuilt from the ground up as clean, effective and visionary.




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