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"A Sad Spectacle", Indeed

How ridiculous and how dumb this speech tonight was.

First, there is the abuse involved in forcing yourself onto national television to deliver what is essentially a partisan advertisement for the Martin Liberals, and a sad plea to buy time. Then, there is the stupidity in setting yourself up to be ripped apart on the same TV channel by the opposition.

Let's get used to it...

  • There will be a new election soon
  • There will be a Prime Minister Harper

I dislike some of the things that Stephen Harper stands for, but not all things his party represents. In any case, regardless of scandal, Paul Martin's government has lived up to Stephen Harper's accusation tonight: it has lacked vision and been ineffective.

I expect that the Stephen Harper government will be a minority one, although tonight's strategic blunder might change that. But perhaps a minority Harper government, held in check by the NDP, BQ, and the Liberal remains will chart a course that is appealing and acceptable to centrists like me. What choice do we have, anyway?




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