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Quick Hits, Volume XXXI

No TTC Strike tomorrow.

Sue-Ann Levy's column today slams David Miller for making City Hall more efficient and accountable. Must be because he's a "socialist"; I'm sure she'd be applauding if John Tory was doing the same thing.

Ian Welsh has scooped me when I should be reading The Windsor Star. He has some good insights on the US-Canada trade relationship, so go read his article. I don't agree with one part, however...

The Star article says that US Homeland Security is building a "gamma-ray inspection device for freight trains" in Windsor. This is to pre-clear trains on their way to Detroit. Ian seems to be suggesting that this is protectionism by stealth. However, I don't see why, as this investment will actually allow trains to enter the US faster without inspection delays. Nor would it seem to be a case of Canada diminishing its sovereignty by forcing us to harmonize with American rules. On the contrary, this is as it should be -- inspection at the border, now made more efficient.

I'm supposed to be doing my taxes instead of writing for the blog, so I will refer you to James Bow. What he wrote (a few days ago) is far from being a "bunch of hooey". And this isn't hooey, either.




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