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Martin Flops for McGuinty

Federal Liberals are trying to scare Dalton McGuinty after he had a chat with Stephen Harper about the $23-billion net outflow of Ontario taxes.

This is after the Ontario Liberal MPs refused to hear from McGuinty on the same subject.

Of course, those tough-talking Liberals are looking like empty bullies now that their party is on the ropes. After bailing on the Kyoto push, now Paul Martin has changed his tune and is interested in hearing what Dalton McGuinty has to say.

Permalinkless Warren Kinsella says in his first April 6 posting: "Could Stephen Harper be Prime Minister? On the basis of smart moves like this one, I'd say: yes, he could."

Of course, Paul Martin's change of tune isn't exactly good news. I don't think it means that he has decided to improve the efficiency and fairness of the federal transfer system to ensure that provinces in need get what they need without removing excessive amounts from the bill-paying provinces. On the contrary, this just looks like further evidence that the Prime Minister is quick to jump for whatever cause is important wherever he feels that seats may be at stake.

(And once the fire has cooled down, he's quick to forget all about it... a perfect example is his still-unfulfilled election-eve promise to kill the Toronto Port Authority's bridge and expansion plan.)




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