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Quick Hits, Volume XXIX

The best current bloggage I have seen on the Gomery situation has been Norman Spector's post at BlogsCanada.

It seems that the position is being taken that folks who link to the Gomery-ban-busting US blog are in contempt. This despite the fact that major newspapers and TV coverage the past couple days continues to give enough info for anyone to find what they want. I wonder if you are in contempt to simply point that out?

My website traffic is up about 2000% as a result of Googlers looking for the banned news. I guess I'm ranked pretty high as a result of being an earlier poster on the subject. Obviously, none of these Googlers would be here at all if the mainstream media didn't first report that there was "shocking news we aren't allowed to tell" and then "we can't tell you, but it's on the net!"

By the way Googlers... since you've probably already found the banned site before coming here, you may as well relax. Only one guy has had leaked information on his site, from only one leaker, and all the other talk has been derived from that. (With the exception of folks like Spector who aren't saying much but do have their own sources.)

I've heard various predictions about what the result of a spring election would be. The big problem for most Conservatives is that they have very little understanding of why Ontarians -- and it is mainly Ontario where the Cons needs to gains seats -- have actually voted Liberal in the past. Usually all I hear is that my provincial neighbours are sheep or idiots. Or they vote Liberal because they are immigrants conspiring with the party that will help them bring over more relatives. Or it is a plot to crush the West and milk them for all they're worth.

Whatever. The way things look now, I think we'll probably end up with a Conservative minority government. That's okay by me, even though they aren't the party I'm most likely to vote for. (As I wrote in the last election, even if you're unhappy with some Conservative policies, they won't be able to implement the most revolutionary stuff in a minority. It's a chance to renew Ottawa without the policy revolution Conservatives may want.) Then again, a majority is easier to imagine this time around.

Anyway, some recent events have had me thinking about Proportional Representation. I've been too busy to write that blog post. It may be odd to consider that as a two-time Green Party voter I still have a soft spot for the traditional system. Recently, my thoughts have been shifting and when I have more time I hope to explain why.

The other post which I have unfortunately not had the time to write up, is the one I ought to write about Canada's poor response to the Zahra Kazemi murder. I've wanted to give our government the benefit of the doubt in past situations -- like William Sampson in Saudi Arabia -- but this is too much.

Change of Topic: James Bow's Transit Toronto blog has up-to-date news on whether or not there will be a transit strike.




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