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Gomery Googlers Read This

To the hundreds coming here from Google, looking for the US-based weblog that reports information that has been leaked through the Gomery Inquiry's publication ban, I won't be giving a link to that article here. As reported in the London Free Press, the inquiry today is considering whether or not to charge a Canadian website owner with contempt for linking to that posting.

However, the mainstream media has given you all the information you need to easily find the article in question.

It has been my experience that googling for the title of a weblog post finds it rather easily. The title of the post in question has been repeated in many Canadian newspapers. To charge a Canadian news aggregator for linking to the American site isn't really fair when all these newspapers have essentially linked to it as well.

In any case, remember that this American blogger has been fed the information by someone, and even if it correctly represents what happened (no guarantee) it would only be one person's testimony. The American blogger wasn't at the inquiry. However, most Canadian journalists (not me) probably know the truth and they aren't saying much in response. One exception is Norman Spector who has hinted that the blog rumours are overblown.

Finally, if you aren't already satisfied, Andrew at Bound by Gravity has links to everything and everybody.




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