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This is one of the most unexpected things I've read about Canadian politics:

Ottawa Explosive new testimony before the sponsorship inquiry had political parties banging their election drums Friday and discussing the possible collapse of the minority Liberal government.

The new testimony at the Gomery inquiry cannot be revealed because of a publication ban but is considered so devastating to the Liberal government that it has all parties looking at election scenarios.

The unexpected part isn't the "Evidence of Liberals having done something really bad" part. It's the "This is so bad that people are talking of calling an election immediately and yet we can't talk about it in public" part.

It's so strange, I almost have to ask if this is an April Fool's joke by the Canadian Press. If it is, at least I'm not the only one who fell for it. However, if it is true, and if we have an election, I don't believe the publication ban would hold. In fact, a Google News search for "Canada Gomery Election" might well find you the details in an international newspaper tomorrow or Sunday.




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