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Quick Hits, Volume XXVIII

Well, I haven't written anything in a while and there's no particular reason. I was busy some days, but not all. I haven't been travelling or sick, I just haven't had that much to say. Anyway, here are a few points for those who keep coming here...

Possible federal election coming, but I doubt it. Anyway, if there is one, I feel the chances are about 90% that we'll have another minority government (one way or another) and another leadership convention.

Speaking of which, the prospects for new leaders in both the CPC and the Liberal Party seem pretty weak. If Martin or Harper go down this year, we can't be sure the replacement would be better.

SES Research has a new poll out about the trust Canadians have in the different levels of government. (Table here, link PDF.) In Ontario, municipal governments are the most trusted with taxpayer money (37%) over the provincial (22%) and federal (17%) governments. Feels right to me.

Here's the website for York Region's new bus rapid transit system, debuting in September. The TTC should have marketing like this. I've predicted failure for this sort of project in the past, but I do hope I'm wrong.

There will possibly be a TTC strike next week. The union has ads all over ths subway to promote goodwill among the riders. The ads point to their "We Move Toronto" website. The website doesn't include the transit ads, which is too bad... those ads outline the truly impressive work that is being done to rebuild subways and buses and keep them running well beyond their expected lifespan.




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