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Harper Will Soon Rule Ontario!

The Toronto Star reports that John Tory has suggested that Stephen Harper take up Ontario's cause in Ottawa. I guess Tory has been reading my blog!

Seriously, though, I think Tory's suggestion makes a lot of sense. However, the Star quotes some anonymous CPC caucus members as being against the idea:

This is a dust up and conflict between the Liberal provincial government and the Liberal federal government. Why take the pressure off the Prime Minister?

Right. Amplifying the debate = taking the pressure off the Prime Minister. It could never translate into votes in Ontario!

The jury is still out on whether McGuinty's position is well supported in Ontario.

Translation: Our public position is that everything McGuinty does is stupid and incompetent. Therefore there's no chance this position has any potential appeal among Ontarians.

Meanwhile, the same article reports that very few Ontarians are attending the Conservative policy convention this weekend, and claims that most of the attendees are former Alliance members.

This all seems to bode well for a CPC majority in the next federal election. It sure does, indeed.




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